Chakra Balancing & Meditation with Crystals

In this 2 hour class we will learn all about your 7 major Chakras, what they do and how to balance them with crystals through a guided meditation. The meditation portion of the class is about 45 minutes, we go through the process of opening and balancing each Chakra during this meditaion with the use of music, color therapy & crystals. You will leave this class feeling alive and refreshed!

Class Cost: $20 for class / $10 for crystals (you may bring your own)

Mediumship Development

This class is for those who want to develop their "Clairs", increase their intuition and strengthen their connection to the spirit world.  This is a hands on workshop where you will work directly with other, like minded people.  Each class is a little different.... we may meet our guides, work on our Chakras, use psychometry or something else....... 

Class Cost: $15 

All the classes listed are offered at multiple venues, please check the current calendar to see when the next scheduled dates are.

Psychic Development

Want to increase your intuition? In this class we open up all our Chakras, focusing on our 3rd eye and strengthen that psychic muscle by playing psychic games or doing other activities that will help you develop your intuition.  Whether you want to eventually do this for a living or just increase your intuition to better your life, this is a safe and fun class. 

Class Cost: $15

Intro to Crystals

This class is for the beginner who wants to learn about crystals. Maybe you feel drawn to crystals but not sure why?  Maybe you just want to learn more about each particular crystal and the properties or how they work?  In this class you will learn the how, what and why of crystals.  How they work, how to choose them, how to cleanse them and what you can use them for. 

Class Cost: $20 - $25 depending on venue


Have Fun & Learn at the same time!

Crystal Healing Certification Course (2 Day Class) 

This 2 day, intensive, hands on workshop is for the people that are serious about their crystals and want to be able to learn how to use them for healing others.  Become certified in this class where you will learn everything you need to know about crystals as well as get practice time healing your fellow students under the direction of a certified crystal healer.  This class is only offered a few times a year!

Class Cost: $295  (Includes workbook, all materials and crystals!)

Crystal Grids

This class is best for the person who knows a little bit about crystals and now wants to take it to the next level by making a crystal grid. Learn the power of manifesting grids in this easy 5 step process. It is a fun, hands on class where you will make and activate your very own crystal grid.   

Class Cost: $15 - $25 depending on venue and class offering

Sometimes this class is also offered with Gem Elixers too!  Please see calendar for current offerings.